Hita Ambrish Ji


Shree Hita Ambrish is a life coach and mentor from Vrindavan, India.

His journey began from his home town Hisar and he has traveled all over-delivering discourses and talks to people from all walks of life.

Authenticity, clarity, and ease are the hallmarks of his talks.

Walks the talk - he speaks from the voice of experience and learning through all the pitfalls and triumphs of life, touching the deepest cord of contemporary minds.

An authentic connect with his own self enables him to make his listeners dive into depths of understanding of those most commonly used words such as happiness, success, complications, etc, unraveling a whole new perspective and approach.

He strives to make the listeners face hard truths to initiate the journey of crafting oneself to become a leader of one’s own life. If choosing between what is right or what is easy, he would say-choose like a warrior, be ready to face challenges to create a successful life for yourself, he highlights this is the cornerstone to decision making in life.

His talks have enabled listeners to look deep within very minutely with gratitude and acceptance. He calls upon discipline as not something which is routine and mundane but a powerful force that alters the course of one’s life. With time, as an inspiration he has introduced many lives to a path filled with purpose and service.

He has been delivering spiritual discourses since 2006 and conducting interactive sessions with the youth and have been invited by various renowned institutions to deliver talks.

The interactive sessions conducted in various colleges, universities, and schools were centered on empowering the listeners to find their own solutions to the day today challenges and opening up the mind with the power of contemplation and reflection.